Rapid Response 4×4 Vehicles

Our 4×4 Rapid Response Rescue Vehicles have the capability in dealing with fires at your event. They are equipped with various fire fighting equipment, first aid trauma pack and a AED defibrillator.

Fully crewed these vehicles will provide the fire cover you need for your event. Our crews are trained to recognise risks and manage them safely and effectively. Our teams are experienced and qualified in dealing with trauma incidents and are on hand to provide initial first aid.

Fire Appliances

Our vehicles at GB Fire Solutions are highly visible and fitted with audible and visual warning devices, to ensure the safety of the members of the public and on-site staff is maintained

Our fire engines at GB Fire Solutions are suitably equipped to allow our personnel to deal with a wide range of working conditions safely and effectively. All equipment and vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced.


Get in touch for a quotation

Feel free to contact us to discuss your fire safety requirements and how GB Fire Solutions can ensure your event or organisations risk from fire is dealt with professionally. Call us on 0800 999 1175 or get in touch using the link below.